A Special Offer From Andrea Mclean – Founder, The Media Coach

April 28, 2024

Article written by
Andrea Mclean
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Some of you had the opportunity to hear broadcaster Andrea McLean speak at our brunch last year – and many of you enjoyed speaking with her afterwards and picking her brains about improving your confidence in putting yourself out there to promote yourself and your business. I know many of you find this side of things a struggle. 

This prompted us to work with Andrea on finding a solution that could not only support you in this part of your day job, but also grow your skills.

Andrea is a TV Presenter with 24 years Live Broadcasting Experience. Having interviewed some of the biggest names on the planet, and in front of millions of people at home, it goes without saying you are in safe hands here.

I am delighted that Andrea has now made her accredited Media Coaching course available to you all online which will help you:

  • Be confident, informative and entertaining in your delivery to prospective clients and journalists.
  • Look and sound professional in your presentations and interviews – both online and in person.
  • Be the media’s go-to expert in your field, increasing your chances of promoting your business.

This product is normally sold to businesses on an annual licence, but anyone buying through our collaboration will benefit from lifetime access.

As an added bonus, Andrea has agreed to do a bespoke group webinar just for you, to help you get the absolute maximum from her teachings and ask her personally any questions you may have. This will be confirmed closer to the time.

The attached PDF has all the information you need and a live link to the course. THE.MEDIA. COACH MORE INFORMATION.pdf