About Tessy's Brunches

When I started off in leadership, I felt invisible. There really was no one like me in senior roles that I could lean on, ask those tough questions or be vulnerable with. I navigated this space, feeling incredibly lonely but gradually grew in confidence over time.

Having been through this experience, I wanted to make sure I could support upcoming female leaders, that I could be that person that I never had. Over the past 15+ years, I have dedicated time annually to mentor 5 aspiring young women into leadership roles. This was my personal give back or perhaps pay forward for my own children!

With time this has grown into a bigger community, particularly over the pandemic with online facilities allowing more frequent meetings and even events!

Earlier this year, I realised we needed to go big. The challenges facing the 21st century woman, particularly those often unseen are intersectional and to effectively address and offer help, I needed to be more intentional in creating the space for these issues to be discussed and solutions proffered.

Tessy’s Brunches will bring together everything that I love from food to great conversations in the company of women!

The brunches will convene women for life changing conversations, speed mentoring and tools for navigating life. Each brunch event will be thematic, focused on real life insight from women on the issues for that moment.

Without doubt challenging conversations are easier to tackle when there is an abundance of food, so makes sense to do this over brunch!

The brunches will be held quarterly beginning in 2023 and they will be open for any woman to attend.