Creating the space for unseen women  to be visible because visibility is less about pointing her out in the crowd but more about understanding what her life feels like

Welcome to Tessy's Brunches! Join us for a quarterly event where you can connect with other women and engage in meaningful conversations and mentorship, all while enjoying delicious food.

Tessy's Brunches is a community for women to connect, engage in meaningful conversations and mentorship, and find support in navigating the challenges of life. The quarterly events are themed and focused on offering real-life insight on current issues, with the goal of supporting and empowering aspiring female leaders. The brunches will be held quarterly beginning in 2023 and are open to all women. They provide a space for challenging conversations to take place over a meal, fostering a sense of community and support.
A large collection of
paintings by artists

Our gallery of paintings by popular artists saturates the viewer with the mysterious colors of high and fine art, as well as unique shades of the inner world of their creator.